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The chosen twelve. The panda must have overslept.

The chosen twelve. The panda must have overslept.

What a food hoarder!
Who cares, he’s adorable.
Give him all the cheese.

He doesn’t care one bit
about your problems. He’s got
too much cud to chew.

Hungry eyes, mighty
roar. The still of the water
calls. Jazz music plays.

Nose twitch, tender stare.
He wins in the game of life,
as luck would have it.

Righteously stubborn.
Consuming, blazing, glowing.
It’s freaking hot here.

Haha haha hah!
Too many skins to keep up
with, little dragon.

You’ll never catch up.
An endless chase of cold light.

A silent courage.
She leaps forward gracefully.
It’s silent again.

Watching intently.
Behind the leaves, much wisdom.
Bam! There’s shit on you.

Dawn. Up and at ’em.
There he goes, singing to the
flutter of his wings.

Tongue out, waggy tail.
Oh what a good girl you are.
There’s a beast in there.

A heart made of gold.
Mud baths, backstrokes, Sudoku.
Häagen-Dazs galore.

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